Enron Email Datasets

A lot of work has already been formed on the Enron Email Dataset. K. Krasnow Waterman identifies the following datasets in his 2006 report:

Dataset Records Users
FERC / Aspen 1,000,000+ 158
CALO 517,431 151
USC 252,759 161
CMU Intermedate 619,446 158
CMU 200,399 158
UMass ? 149
Queens University ? ?

He makes note that different datasets identify different numbers of users. EDRP has identified 158 FERC custodians and 150 CALO users. The FERC list was generated by taking a case insensitive list of the iCONECT ORIGIN column and the CALO list was compiled using a directory listing of the CMU hosted tar file. Looking at the comparison quickly, it appears likely that some of the users that were eliminated from the CALO dataset were misspellings.

In follow up posts, individual datasets will be discussed regarding their applicability for different purposes.